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Wapka Advance Functions 5. Last Update is a new function to Wapmasters. With it, you can add and manage the latest content in your site 6. Counter This tools is used to show the total Hits of the actual page. If you want to show in every page, then you just add it to auto content page 7. Forum This is a useful feature in wapka, that a visitors can access freely. You can made a simple forum and a Structure forum, it also can be design like a blog 8. Chat Chat We all familiar with chatting I guess! But Allowed only register user to used Chat on wapka. If you want to have free chatting, then you may have look for some javascript, or you can used SIMPLE FORUM as chatting!! HOW?? - Just edit that forum from Global setting, and set to delete every post for your desire time. 9. Survey Survey With this function you can make a poll like system, you can ask question and just put your survey with a specific ansers. 10. Online CounterOnline Counter This function is for displaying the number of online user on the whole site. More advance feature of online Count is explain on the Advance Tutorial 11. Advertisement Advertisement This feature is the most important thing for wapmaster, but can live without it!!. Advertisement is the main source of earning through your very own wapsite. You just register to some Ads company then you can earn it from placing some Ads to your wapsite. But you may need to have a Paypal account, or through Credit card, bank account...etc.. Its upto the company you used. 12. Searching Searching No need to speak about this function, just used it to search anything on your site, also you can used it to search on a specific site or forum only by modifying the default setting. You will see these setting right on the option you see when you put search feature. 13. Mail Form Mail Form This function is for mailing the site admin from any user. All mails are sent to the email you use for registration. 14. Wml/Xhtml Wml/Xhtml Code This is the main function that you can used for/to do anything in the internet world. From this function You can install any Javascript/ Html code...etc.. Actually you can create each and every items from this feature..but you must know the codes and scripts.. See more feature from Catagory Wml/ Xhtml.. 15. Exloader Exloader Wapka exloader is a good feature that wapka can provide, but 80% of the wapka'n do not know how to used it. Basic is that exloader lets you load anything to your wapsite from anywhere/any other site. So its little complex What is exloader? Exloader is a tool to load any item to your site from another website using PCRE. Let see how this tool works. Consider that you have saw a good item or let say a live tv, live cricket update or anything from other website. Then you like to have that feature in your site, then this tool will help you to put to your site freely.. See how interesting!! You can not leave any field empty if you want to exload correctly, exept browser!! How to used Exloader in Wapka? URL This is not something different, you just put the exact url of the page/item that you want to exload to your site. But make sure that you have put correctly.. Select Part This define the selected part that you want to exload. Eg. 1,2,3,5,6.. If you want to exload a continuous part you can directly enter 1-6, 5-7,...etc..etc.. Now from where you will have this?? I recoment to used wapka source code viewer! Because it is good and easy for mobile. When you view the source code you can see the arrangement in 1,2,3 form.. That is the PART that you have to choose it.. Look carefully on which part your item is place. HTML tag From the source code you view, you also have to look for the html tag used but only within the part of the item that your about to exload. Then you just write down it like this b,i,u,..etc. Browser This define the browser who can see your loading item. You need to give it corectly if you filled up this field. Just leave this field empty if you want to show to every browser.. Loading interval this specify the tite interval that your exload item will automatically update -Direct access: this choice means that the item will be update directly from the website you copied. Each time before the user visit your site, your item will load and updated, but will slow down your page loading. - 1 hour,2 hour...: this is the time to specify the time that your item exload will automatically update.. 16. File Uploader File Uploader This is the useful tool for uploading any file directly from your mobile,Pc,computer.. Also this feature is free to used by everyone if you allowed it. And also you can set the directory where the file will be stored.
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